Programme & Tickets
Music Festival
Berlin 1 → 5
November 2023

Flavien Berger

Thursday 2 November
9:15 pm ― Zenner,
Flavien Berger

Unfortunately, Flavien Berger cannot play the following concert due to health reasons:

Following the statement of Flavien Berger:

“Dear friends, unfortunately, I will not be able to perform the concerts scheduled this week in Amsterdam, Hamburg and Berlin at Pitchfork Music Festival, because of Covid-19. I am ill and unable to sing at the moment. Very sorry to everyone who had bought their tickets for this week, I hope to be back very soon. Thank you for your support.”

We found a replacement at short notice and are pleased to welcome Hagop Tchaparian along with Ghostly Kisses this evening.

The tickets for the concert remain valid.

If you still want to return your tickets, please use the following return form:

Also performing at the event

Hagop Tchaparian, Ghostly Kisses,