Programme & Tickets
Music Festival
Berlin 1 → 5
November 2023

Hemlocke Springs

Wednesday 1 November
8:00 pm ― Zenner,
Hemlocke Springs

Peculiar, personable, and profound as can be, 24-year-old pop act Hemlocke Springs (real name Isememe Udu) embodies only the most wonderful parts of modern popstardom. This 2022 breakout star had a meteoric rise in 2022 with back-to-back TikTok smash singles in „gimmie all ur luv“ and „Girlfriend“.


After graduating from Dartmouth College with a master’s degree in Medical Informatics, the Concord, North arolina native soon found her „hobbies“ involving music turning into a full-blown career, one in which she’s all-too-ready to take on. The showering praise she received for her art solidifies how much she belongs in the upper-echelon of alt-pop’s current landscape. With a golden voice that even rivals the 80s leads she’s so often compared to, and gorgeous soundscapes spread throughout her increasingly diverse catalog, this art-pop darling has only the brightest future ahead for her.

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