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4 → 6 Nov

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Friday 4 November
7:15 pm ― Zenner

Their musical genesis beginning in NYC, the now LA based duo, MOTHERMARY makes retro-futuristic-electro-art-pop steeped in sacrilege.
Named after the mother of Christ, the ultimate symbol of religious hypocrisy and the impossible expectations placed on women, the bicoastal project is the brainchild of identical twins Elyse & Larena, who grew up in a Mormon family in Missoula, Montana, the youngest of nearly a dozen children. “It was our world… our paradigm,” Larena says about those days. “We were brainwashed.”

Featured in Pitchfork, The Fader, Gorilla Vs. Bear, Mojo and Record Collector to name a few they have been described as “A glorious celebration of blasphemy” and “A debut offering that’s by turns thrilling, creepy, and unabashedly sexy.”
MOTHERMARY served their mesmerizing debut, I Am Your God, via Italians Do It Better. A Sin Wave work of Art Pop that’s utterly singular, a dazzling hybrid of the old and the new. “This album isn’t about a god complex, though we do enjoy power play, rather it’s an invitation to ponder what you worship and why. It’s about women reclaiming their holiness and inviting you to acknowledge your own. It’s about who we choose for our modern Gods as we let go of the bearded white men of the past.”

I Am Your God baptizes you into the cult of MOTHERMARY. While we don’t believe in someone in the heavens counting our sins, we recognize religion and ritual are very important to the human experience. I Am Your God acts as a mirror to religion both reflecting the bad, corrupting the corrupted, and salvaging the good in what has been called an engrossing sacrilegious spectacle.

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